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The official RAF100 book for children under license from the Ministry of Defence

The official RAF100 book for children

When ‘R’ for Robert went on a training flight during WWII it’s engines failed and into Loch Ness, it dropped. Scientists searching for the Loch Ness monster discovered this Wellington Bomber and its amazing rescue began. A beautifully written account with amazing illustrations makes this the perfect must-have read!

Wellington Comes Home

Sally B & Me tells the amazing history of this old Warbird and the story behind the remarkable lady who has kept her in the air for more than 40 years, Elly Sallingboe.
Sally B has appeared in Memphis Belle, We’ll Meet Again, Noah’s Ark, It Aint Half Hot Mum, Bomber Crew, Walker Cronkite, Over Here and Black Book. And now she is starring in her very own book!

Sally B & Me

Commissioned by London Biggin Hill Airport this beaitully written book tells the history of the Hurricane and it’s role during WWII. Stunning illustrations and an engaging story that will keep the reader gripped and with a twist in the tale

Hurricane Harry

A delightful and beautifully illustrated account of what it was like to be a Spitfire Pilot at the Battle of Britain during the start of WWII. Designed to be engaging, educating and entertaining this book is already proving popular throughout most Aviation Museums in the UK and including RAF Hendon and Cosby. A  thirst quenchiing insight into introducing the young reader to our war history without scaring them!

WWII Spitfire Pilot (At the Battle of Britain)

The story of amazing aviatrix Amy Johnson. First in the world to teach under 10’s about her greatest achievment. Already a smash throughout the UK and Australia. Even America have snapped up this delightful book.

Little Wings

The race to the moon, between Russia and the Americans. Starring humans, including rats, dogs, monkey’s and even little fruit flies fill this mini epic space travelling historic adventure of epic proportions. A must have for budding astronauts everywhere!

They Raced To The Moon

Back in the days of pongy peasants and poo-covered houses. It was every young boy’s dream to live long enough to become a knight. This book takes you on a laugh-out-loud adventure from apprentice to a fully-fledged knight complete with shining armour and a desire to pillage and plunder!

Life as A Medieval Knight

An engaging, educating and entertaining children’s history  book all about life as a pongy and poor peasant during the Middla Ages. Already a best-seller on Amazon Kindle UK

Medieval Peasant

If you ever visit the beautiful Town of Fordwich in Canterbury Kent, you will find yourself following in the rambling footsteps of a bunch of hapless river creatures who manage to get themselves lost whilst taking a walk in the beautiful countryside. Beautifully written, with breath-taking illustrations and a light-hearted approach to making the most of outdoor pursuits!

A Country Ramble

An engaging, educating and entertaining children’s history book all about Dover Castle. Historically correct,  Alfie and Fletch, on their quest for food find themselves discovering Kent’s greatest attraction and discover history that fascintes and Digger the Mole who takes them into the WW2 tunnels and back out the other side. Another No.1 best-selling book on Amazon UK for us..!

Tales From Dover Castle

A beautiful representation of the history of the world’s first free-standing clock tower that was donated to the people of Herne Bay by a very rich lady called Anne Thwaytes. This delightful book captures the imagination of the young reader, with endearing characters and stunning illustrations this book really does make learning history fun.

Tales From The Clock Tower

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